leandro-estevezLeandro Estevez moved to Napa from Jalisco, Mexico in 1993. He began working in winery cellars but his love for cooking led him to seek out opportunities in the kitchen. His first restaurant job was at The Abbey (which became Silverado Brewing Co.). The Chef, Kelly, taught him how to work in a professional kitchen. Leandro admired Chef Kelly and aspired to be like him one day. Leandro also worked at Bistro Don Giovanni’s and Embassy Suites before returning to Silverado Brewing Co. This is where he met Chef Bernardo. When Napa Valley Bistro opened in 2013 Bernardo brought Leandro to be his Sous Chef. Leandro lives in Napa with his wife and three children. He says he, “likes making beautiful and colorful dishes for guests to enjoy”.

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