Located on 1347 Main St in the heart of charming St. Helena, Market brings a long overlooked dining option to the Napa Valley with its spectacular seating, skillfully executed “American Classics” menu, and exciting wine list representing our local wineries, innovated signature cocktails, warm efficient service and reasonable prices. Market raises the bar for the fine art of dining casually. As the name suggests, our menu takes its cues from seasonal ingredients and what looks and tastes good for Chef Martinez at the local markets. It’s a simple neighborhood restaurant. Utilizing the freshest seasonal produce from our local farms and growers, Market’s cuisine is flavor forward, visually stunning, and simply delicious. We are serving food that is fresh and carefully crafted, nothing overwrought. We want Market to be home away from home for the community. Market is a local gathering spot without pretense. Dress casually, bring friends and a healthy appetite. You won’t be disappointed.

Market has the rugged good looks of the Marlboro man. Rough-hewn fieldstone walls original to the 120-year-old building, run the length of the dining room. The room is softened by double-high ceilings, strategic lighting and softly gleaming leather banquettes. A large golden-toned photograph of the Quintessa Vineyard decorates the rear wall. Up front is an imposing 19th century bar, said to have come from the grand ballroom of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel, where it was one section of a ninety foot bar, running the full length of the ballroom. The top of the back bar is part of an original Brunswick Bar manufactured around the late 1800s. Two yellow arches separate the dining areas, adding a sophisticated touch to the 72-seat dining room. Even the art has a pedigree: The market photographs on wall were taken by a well-known photographer who traveled around the world.

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