Discover One of the Best Restaurants in Napa as Napa Valley Bistro Announces New LGBTQ Support Campaign

Napa, CA-based Napa Valley Bistro has announced they’re introducing a new campaign to support the local LGBTQ community. As part of the restaurant’s new campaign, which will take place September 13, 15% of their patrons’ total bill will be donated to local LGBTQ charities. This event, organized by one of the best restaurants serving Napa, will help local charities achieve the support they need to protect and guide those within the LGBTQ community.

The LGBTQ community requires support from many areas of the local region to ensure that their members are protected and given the opportunities to thrive within our society. One of the key challenges they face as they try to educate others on important LGBTQ matters is a lack of funding, and it’s for this reason that many businesses across Napa are now stepping up to show their support. Now, the team at Napa Valley Bistro has announced their very own LGBTQ support campaign on September 13.

On September 13, 15% of the patrons’ total bills will be donated directly to local LGBTQ charities within the area. This campaign will ensure that local charities have the resources they require and that the community can come together to celebrate this important cause. It’s an important occasion that will link with one of the best restaurants in Napa with the most important charitable organizations within the LGBTQ community.

To learn more on this new event, please contact the team at Napa Valley Bistro directly at707-666-2383 or visit their business website at

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