Napa Valley Bistro, One of the Best Restaurants in Napa, Announces New Cocktails in its Re-designed Drink Menu

Napa Valley, California – August 8th – Napa Valley Bistro, a culinary experience that samples food all over the world, now offers all-new alcoholic beverages that can be found in its re-designed drink menu. Napa Valley Bistro, known as one of the best restaurants in downtown Napa, continues to provide unparalleled experiences with a variety of drinks that are representative of cultures that can be found throughout the world.

If a customer feels like taking a trip south of the border, enjoy Napa Valley Bistro’s twist on the Margarita which mixes in mango and jalapenos to the classic ingredients to add that special sweet and spicy touch. If one needs a more relaxing drink, they also offer Mojitos which are perfect for those hot summer days. Finally, Napa Valley Bistro bartenders are happy to give their twist on the Caipirinha, a classic Brazilian beverage.

Prefer something closer to home? Not to worry, Napa Bistro carries the classics, including the Cosmopolitan and Martini. However, do not be fooled into thinking these are the same drinks from Sex and the City. The Napa Valley Bistro mixes in Soju 48 and La Quintinye “Royal” Blanc Vermouth to elevate their Royal Cosmopolitan. Of course, no Napa Valley restaurant is complete without its take on the classic Rose, which is a unique mix of Cava, Soju 48, and Imbued “Petal and Thorn” Rosso Vermouth.

Soju permeates all of Napa Bistro’s new low-alcohol cocktails. Soju is a type of beverage that is distilled from rice and barley. It is used throughout the world from Asia to the Caribbean. Napa Valley Bistro uses Soju 48, which has a flavor profile similar to vodka and Soju TEQ which is infused with premium Mexican tequila.

Napa Valley Bistro looks to fill the gap for patrons who do not want a heavy drink but prefer an alternative to wine or beer.

About Napa Valley Bistro

Napa Valley Bistro offer amazing food and beverage options and is one of the best Restaurants in Napa. From dinner, catering to Sunday brunch, find the perfect meal at Napa Valley Bistro.

For additional information, please visit or call (707) 666-2383.

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